Trunk for transporting equipment

Rental of audiovisual equipment in Québec City

The most technologically advanced audiovisual equipment


  • LCD and DLP projectors (various resolutions and powers)
  • DLP HD 720P & 1080I Projectors (Barco, Christie, Sanyo and Panasonic)
  • Specialized projection lenses
  • Screens – all sizes and formats: Square (audiovisual), video (4:3), high definition (16:9)
  • Panoramic or multi-image large-scale screens
  • Motorized screens of all sizes
  • Screen drapery systems (black, blue, grey and burgundy)
  • LCD or plasma screens – all sizes and resolutions, with stands
  • Complete inventory of video equipment (VTRs, amplifiers, processors, switchers)
  • DVD burner with hard disk
  • CRT, LCD and plasma monitors of all sizes
  • Data and video switchers (Analog Way, Sony, For-A)
  • Standard and digital production system (Air pack)
  • Standard and HD cameras (Panasonic and Sony)
  • Remote-controlled camera system
  • Presidential teleprompter system

Stage equipment

  • Presidential Plexiglas podium
  • Corporate podium avec integrated monitor (customizable: colour and logo)
  • Velour drapes (12’, 16’, 24’ high) with suspension hardware
  • Choice of colours (black, blue, grey or burgundy)
  • Modular stage panel systems (4’x 4’, 4’ x 6’ and 4’x 8’) with accessories

Audiovisual equipment

  • Laser pointer
  • Conference timer
  • Tripod screen
  • Overhead and slide projectors
  • Easels and flipcharts
  • White boards
  • SMART boards
  • Mobile tables with skirt (all sizes)

Sound systems

  • Sound systems for groups of 20 to 10,000 people (Meyer Sound and JBL)
  • JBL Vertec 4887 Line Array System with suspension hardware
  • Yamaha digital console (M7CL-48 & PM-5D Rh)
  • Analog consoles of all sizes (Mackie, Midas and Yamaha)
  • Audio processors (Drawmer, Ashly, Tc-Electronique, Dbx & Bss)
  • Analog or digital cabling systems (Cat-5 and optical fibre)
  • JBL stage monitors and Shure systems (IEM)
  • Complete range of wireless microphones (more than 60 units)
  • Complete range of microphones (Akg, Audio-Technica, Beyer, C-Ducer, Countryman, Crown, Shure and Sennheiser)

Specialized equipment

  • Philips DCN digital microphone systems (with integrated voting and simultaneous translation capabilities)
  • Teleconference interface systems (Gentner and Polycom)
  • Videoconference systems (Polycom and Sony)
  • Accordent streaming (webcasting) system
  • Clear-com communication system (wired or wireless)
  • Walkie-Talkie systems

Lighting and rigging

  • Projectors (Leko, Parnel and Par Source 4 by ETC)
  • 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 Watt Fresnel spotlights from Strand and Arri
  • Par 64-500 and 1000 Watt show projector (choice of lamps: VNFL, NFL, MFL)
  • Consoles and dimmers of all sizes (Strand, Leprecon and ETC)
  • Specialized High End Hog console, and MA (MA Ultra light and Grand MA)
  • LED lighting
  • Moving projectors (Mac 250 Entour, Mac 700 and Mac 2000 Wash and Profile)
  • Electric distributors & transformers
  • Trusses and hoisting equipment
  • ½ ton and 1 ton hoists
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